Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm Okay!

  Hey everyone! I just wanted to take a moment and apologize for my disappearing act and let y'all know I'M OKAY! Promise! I didn't mean to worry anyone, so puh-leeze forgive me! :) I have missed you guys something TERRIBLE and hope to start back blogging soon! No guarantees, but I may even try to do a DIY post this week... Thanks so much for the prayers and emails! The power of prayer is AMAZING, so keep it up, if you don't mind.. (Don't worry, though!) Sorry I haven't replied to anyone in a while... Please, please don't take it personally if you have been ignored by me... One day I'll tell y'all all about it! :)
   Y'all are awesome~ EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU! :) I would LOVE to hear how YOU are doing! I'm, like, REALLY behind on my blog reading!
I love you all and hope you all have an absolutely SPLENDID day!


  1. Welcome back! You were definitely missed but I'm glad to hear you're doing well :-)

  2. Missed you girlie!! Been praying for you and look forward to when you post some more goodies..Hang in there cause Jesus us with you and never doubt it!!


  3. Oh yes, you were missed. Sending prayers and will be checking back:)

  4. Oh, Crystal, I HAVE been thinking about you. I love your blog, and was wondering why I wasn't seeing any posts from you. I'm glad you're okay and will be praying for you. I hope all is well. Take care of YOU and your family -- the blogging world will still be here when you return. ;o) We do miss you though. {HUGS!} xo

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